In 2007 Google purchased Feedburner for about $100 million.  Five years later in 2012 Google turned off the API’s and essentially signed the death certificate.  Just think about it, imagine buying a service for $100 million and then pretty much writing it off 5 years later, that’s a depreciation of around $54,000 PER DAY. Staggering.

Because Feedburner is deprecated it doesn’t get much exposure these days but I was recently reminded of their service while doing an SEO audit – the Feedburner feed had the highest domain authority the site I was auditing. In fact, our feedburner feed also does quite well in the SEO ranks.

It’s interesting to think that a service which is almost defunct can still have such an impact, not to mention the millions of websites which still rely on the service.

But if only we all had $50k per day to burn!